The Worldwide Church of God Archives

The Worldwide Church of God Archives

About this Website

The Worldwide Church of God Archives is to provide a Storehouse of God’s Truth, a place where those who seek the Truth can find it, without a hidden agenda to gain members to some church or group.

There are two ways in Life.

  1. The Way of Give.
  2. The Way of Get.

The way that leads to peace and prosperity is The Way of Give. Love. Outflowing concern for the other guy as well as yourself.

We provide this Archive and repository in preservation of the Teaching on HOW to live that way of Life that leads to Peace and Prosperity.

That way can be found in The Bible, and the materials contained here in the archive will show you where in The Bible it teaches this way of life.

It also shows WHY the world is so filled with pain, suffering, and unhappiness.

There is a cause to every effect.

There is a Purpose in Life.