The Worldwide Church of God Archives

The Worldwide Church of God Archives

About this Website

The Worldwide Church of God Archives is a preservation project presented by The Worldwide Church of God membership, a spiritual and non-denominational organism. It is provided free to the public, for educational purposes. Freely we have received, we freely give to all who come searching.

The body of believers who are presenting this Archive is not associated with any other website that may claim to be associated with this website.

We do not endorse any group or individuals who come along and repackage our teachings to their brand or “work”. Any endorsement will be listed on this website. Any website claiming this, you may refer anyone with questions to this page, to answer that question.

This website is NOT a personal website of one family or individual(s), expressing their own opinions or views. It is a informational official record of what was preached and taught by Mr. Herbert W Armstrong and The Worldwide Church of God. The Worldwide Church of God Archives does not rest in a particular address on earth, it is a digital online resource. Any individual and/or website or entity claiming that it is, is trying to lead you to their brand/group. We are not associated with any who claim otherwise.

And we are not here to be preeminent above anyone. Any individual or group of individuals or entity claiming such, exalting themselves to such, is not endorsed by The Worldwide Church of God, a spiritual organism. God shows throughout the Bible, The Word of God, that we must judge the fruits. No one can claim any office without fruits to back it up. And no one called by God can usurp those with authority placed by God. God’s Church is organized as He set it. Not what men have claimed without fruits. By the fruits, you shall know them.

WWCGA, The Worldwide Church of God Archives, is a worldwide witness, a witness God wrought through Mr. Herbert W Armstrong and The faithful members of The Worldwide Church of God, who are still holding fast to what God rooted them in. They are the seed PLANTED in GOOD SOIL. God’s Word. And this witness is not done by might, nor power, it is done by the Spirit of God! God’s Spirit is being poured out still through The Apostle of Jesus Christ! Anyone with ears to hear, LET HIM HEAR!

Welcome to The testimony of Jesus Christ. the Official record of what was preached and taught, whose record is sure and true. It was not of man, but from God. Open your Bibles. Blow the dust off of them! And prove all things! HOLD FAST TO THE GOOD WORD AND GOOD NEWS OF THE COMING KINGDOM OF GOD! And let no man or group of men take your reward from you. (Rev. 3:11)