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There’s a Famine in HEARING – Amos 8:11-13
The Solution is John 6:29/Luke 10:16/1 John 4:6.

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By Timothy Kitchen Jr

The Spiritual Organism, The Spiritual Body of Jesus Christ is called THE WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD. There are so many Corporations calling themselves a Church, each one working to have the people follow their corporation and the physical policies, OVER THE SPIRITUAL BODY! In doing so NEGLECTING the body of Jesus Christ , just as The Apostle Paul said, in Collosians.

Col 2:20-23 KJV 

    Wherefore if ye be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world, why, as though living in the world, are ye subject to ordinances, (Touch not; taste not; handle not; Which all are to perish with the using;) after the commandments and doctrines of men? 

    Which things have indeed a shew of wisdom in will worship, and humility, and neglecting of the body; not in any honour… to the satisfying of the flesh. (Corporate regulations and legalities.)

    What about the many corporate entities made by men, that consist of the splinter groups today?

    Mr. Armstrong warned us of some going out and creating vulture-like corporations calling themselves a “church”. And they have circled and circled looking to pick off The Worldwide Church of God(THE SPIRITUAL BODY OF JESUS CHRIST)unto the human organized churchianity, which is the IMAGE OF THE BEAST! (You may read that in Who and What is The Prophetic Beast by Herbert W Armstrong).

Yes, human-organized churchianity, not Bible-designed spiritual-organism government, is the image of the beast. It is the pagan political counterfeit of God’s government.

“Come out of her,” God says (Rev. 18:4). God help us to heed!  

– Who or What Is the PROPHETIC BEAST? by Herbert W. Armstrong –

    That is what we have to resist and stand against. So many are looking to stand with some corporate church. We ought to be standing where Christ is, in his SPIRITUAL BODY, AKA THE WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD! 

    YES, in order to stay united and together in this world we have to be organized. But GOD’S CHURCH is not bound by physical corporate organizations of men!

The Church of God is NOT a physical organization! But a spiritual organism! Organized as God sees fit! So many are focused on the physical organization, and not the spiritual organism.

    The Body of Jesus Christ is being neglected brethren! I see it with mine own eyes!

    Jesus Christ is the Head of this Church and He is still on His Throne! Will we stand on one side STARVING GOD’S PEOPLE? Or will we stand with Jesus Christ and FEED THE FLOCK!? That is a more direct question for the ministry. Which is the focus? Which is the priority? The corporate members OR THE SPIRITUAL BODY OF JESUS CHRIST? I have seen a corporate focus and a TEARING DOWN of The spiritual organism! A lifting up of corporate needs. While tearing down of the beliefs and doctrines of God’s Church! God has a lot to say in Jeremiah 23 and Ezekiel 34 and the Book of Malachi on the two camps! 

    Jesus Christ offers a CHOICE! God or BAAL. LIFE AND DEATH. BLESSING AND CURSING. We all have this choice brethren. Too many are on the fence trying to please men! Fearing men over God. Sitting on the fence. Being lukewarm. 

    God through Mr. Armstrong said the Spiritual Organism must be at the forefront of The Work of God. We cannot be on the fence. And we have been brethren. I have been, I admit. But no longer! We cannot be divided and God’s Church IS NOT! 

    When we take our eyes off Christ, this causes the divisions. When we start looking at departments, at positions, at people instead of Jesus Christ who is our head, we are divided OFF FROM CHRIST. So many look at “I am over this, or I am over that”. Always looking at themselves and what they rule over, or what they desire to be over, instead of God and Jesus Christ through whom God places you in his Body. We have to make sure we are in the Body. We have to be sure to have our eyes on Jesus Christ. 

    So let’s keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, and Believe and Do! Praying God’s will be done through us, as it was done through Jesus Christ our husband and elder brother. Looking on up to God The Father.

In Christ’s service,

Timothy Kitchen Jr

Spiritual Organism vs. Corporate Churchianity

Mr. Herbert W Armstrong didn’t start any church; he was used to raise up a work that spread the Gospel around the world. The Radio Church of God was the Church when people listened by radio. That was its scope, reach, and location at that time. It grew and became WORLDWIDE. That is the location of God’s Church then and now; the Church of God is the Worldwide Church of God!

God’s Church is located all around the world, and it is a spiritual organism, not some state corporation, as Mr. Armstrong always taught. What divides the people and keeps them from becoming the Spiritual Organism are the corporation and their teachings. Jesus Christ called and used His Apostle to reach those whom God has called to that spiritual organism. He said to go to the lost tribes of Israel, physical Israelites, to reach the SPIRITUAL ISRAELITES AMONG THEM.

The marriage contract for physical Israel ended when the God of the Old Testament died on the cross, thus releasing God and Physical Israel from that marriage contract. Jesus Christ came to offer a New marriage contract to Israel again, but Spiritual Israel, those given The Holy Spirit, who can obey God’s Laws.

The 144,000 are those of God’s Church who were already God’s Church at that time of sealing. The Innumerable Multitude is the last group of God’s Church before Jesus Christ’s return, the remnant, the Last Era of the Church. But God’s Church, also known as the 7 churches, is ONE CHURCH, not separate churches working at the same time, each one trying to build on the same foundation.

Is Christ divided? Why would His body be divided? Christ came to divide this world from His sheep, His Church, from the world, the goats. He is not divided, for a house divided will not stand. Administrations do not cover each other; no foundation is laid upon another man’s foundation. God called Herbert W Armstrong and placed him as an Apostle through whom Jesus Christ gave us His Truth.

What most people are doing, which I see, is looking for another whom God can give us His Truth and Law through, trying to build a foundation upon a foundation contrary to God’s Word. Just like Moses, there has been no other whom God sent. And it is to the Apostle in God’s Church today whom God ordained and commissioned the Matt 24:14 commission. That is Herbert W Armstrong. The ministry was ordained and commissioned to uphold and continue to preach the doctrines they received through Christ’s Apostle.

When we understand what each office and ordination is placed and the job they have, if it’s divided into one group here and another here, is Christ divided? According to 1 John 4:6, if they reject the Apostle whom Christ chose, they are not of God; the spirit of Truth is not in them, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE SOME TRUTH! Having the truth does NOT mean we are converted!

Having been baptized doesn’t mean we are converted either; many have been dunked and have not received the Holy Spirit. If we are each faced with Christ and the doctrines we were taught or the teachings of men who are divided, which will we choose? And if we choose men, our growth stops in the spiritual organism, and we switch tracks from the spiritual track to the physical track, and our help stops from God to men because we switched jurisdiction.

Colossians 2 asks the question: Why? Why should we switch? Man’s traditions (well put it in modern terms, corporate regulations and policies from boards of men) versus God’s spiritual Truth that was given to us through The Apostle Mr. Herbert W Armstrong by Jesus Christ. What is worse is trying to juggle both so one’s paycheck stays intact.

When we try to juggle both, we are lukewarm in God’s eyes, loyal one day, and disloyal the next. God’s spiritual organism is being made lukewarm so our enemy may reach out and destroy us, and it would be our fault, trying to serve two masters. God does promise the spiritual organism who passes the test and who remains faithful to the spiritual Head of the spiritual organism protection in a physical place of protection!

That is sure. And yes, some will die and be protected that way, but the place the Church flies unto for protection is not a grave. Because God’s spiritual Church is not going to find the grave, it will continue and be protected. And if God’s Church is wiped out and killed, then Christ is a liar, and He’s not a liar.

Philadelphia, the spiritual organism NOW, is the 6th era of God’s Church. The 144,000 are symbolic of that 6th Era. 144,000 is divisible by 6. It is the era and Church that will be hidden and protected while the 7th era and Church form and are brought into the spiritual organism located at that time in the place of protection AT THE END of the Great Tribulation.

They will not look to corporate churches here and there called by different names. These will not be doing what many are doing today! Those lukewarm NOW who do not repent from having two masters will go into the Great Tribulation and have to repent and be martyred to finally make the decision on who is their master: Jesus Christ or corporate churches.

Because HUMAN-ORGANIZED CHURCHIANITY IS THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST. Corporate Churches, all corporations, are organized on man’s design; they are owned by the Catholic Church and The False Prophet, or ultimately will be. The question of who is Lord is still being asked!

And those who go INTO the Great Tribulation will wake up then and finally make the choice. THAT ACT will convert the last ERA that comes out of the world at that time! Their death will wake up an Innumerable Multitude! And after repentance, they will go to those in the place of protection, as they will be the ministry and Church whom God is feeding through.

It is the only place on earth that people are being nourished! The Worldwide Church of God, which is THE SPIRITUAL ORGANISM, SPIRITUAL ISRAELITES, NOW, is given a sure promise by God to be protected later. But we have to give our lives now to GOD and His Work (John 6:29, Luke 10:16, 1 John 4:6 – otherwise it’s a famine of the HEARING Amos 8:11), giving our life now.

But If our goal is to save our physical life now, we shall lose our eternal life. Those martyred in the coming Great Tribulation repent before they lose our completely! But they have to give their head in torture because they are straddling between the spiritual track and a physical track, juggling two masters, traveling back and forth to and from the world.

And in the world’s jurisdiction Satan rules and wants to kill us all. Are we baptized in the spiritual organism? Or are we baptized into a physical organization? If one says BOTH or looks at it through that lens, they are compromised. God will not have it.

We have to choose! One or the other. We must choose now. Or we will have to choose later.

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